ZIV: Ziv is the self-conscious, orphaned, lonely young man looking for acceptance in a world he feels rejected by. Ziv dedicates himself to finding out what happens to his long lost love Stephanie, when she comes up missing the next day after they meet following a three year separation. Ziv is recruited by the secret society The School of Ministry and they offer to help him in his journey if he joins then in their mission to hunt down evil and protect the weak. Ziv reluctantly joins and finds himself fighting emerging feelings for Miss Evans, the  personal assistant to the enigmatic Mr. C. Along the way, Ziv finds answers to the many dreams and visions he has had over the years and realizes that he indeed has the power to see beasts from “the other side” – Demons!

STEPHANIE: Best friend and first in line love interest of Ziv. After three years of being separated, Stephanie and Ziv meet up again, where she reveals a secret about the life she’s lived since they went their own way. But when she mysteriously disappears the following day, Ziv dedicates himself with the task of finding her.

JAYTHAN: A recruit of the School of Ministry that comes on board just a week prior to Ziv’s arrival. Jaythan is an ex-monk that uses the power of sound mind and focus to overcome obstacles. He too has special gifts and talents that are slowly being honed by the School.

FRANCIS: Recruited along with Jaythan, Francis is the cocky, brash member of the trio and what he lacks in etiquette, he more than makes up in skilled hand to hand combat. Francis is also Ziv’s one competition for the attention of the lovely Miss Evans.

MISS EVANS: An interesting distraction for Francis and Ziv, Miss Evans is the guide for the three young men on the majority of their missions. She struggles with the decision of choosing between the perfect nice guy and the dangerous bad-boy.

MR. C.: This enigmatic mentor of the trio. Mr. C. is the leader of the North American Sector of the School of Ministry. Mr. C. teaches and encourages them along the way, offering words of wisdom and testimony.

MAXWELL: The big-brother type warrior that Ziv most wants to impress. He is the skilled trainer whose job it is to get the boys in shape both physically and mentally. Maxwell also puts the boys through their paces in the Quad – the treacherous four-walled room that opens each room, revealing a new challenge that each individual must overcome to advance to the next.