EVAN’S HEART (A Windgate Novella)

Evans Heart eBook cover

The heart never lies…

The only words that bring comfort to a confused mind. Partaking in the experience of the Quad from the safety of the observation room used to be the only thing Evan needed to worry about, other than supervising the Recruits in the field. Secretly, she desires more; driven by her thrill-seeking hidden side. Her wish is finally granted when Maxwell and Mr. C. inform her that she must choose to support Ziv, Francis or Jaythan during one of the Quad phases. Ignorant to what exactly that entails, Evan is confounded by the question, knowing full well that it could very well end up in her death. Now, Evan is beginning to understand that life and the outcomes of your decisions is less of a game than she accounted for. When she finally makes the choice, she finds herself submerged – literally – in a desperate fight for her life, as well as wrestling with this reality: she is torn by her growing feelings for two of the new young prodigies.

Follow the perspective of Evan (Miss Evans) as she retells the tank scene from the Quad in The Windgate: Book 1 of The School of Ministry Series and gain insight into other characters from the story such as Maxwell, Francis and the intuitively gifted Ezra.

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